Customer Care

As much as possible, we strive to provide all our guests the utmost care. But due to the unlimited number of tourists going in and out of our vicinity, we may not be able to attend to your personal needs 100% of the time during your entire stay at Avalon. So if you need anything, please approach any of our onsite personnel who will be more than willing to handle your concerns.

You need to monitor your personal belongings all the time. Don't leave your stuff unattended especially valuable ones. We can't be held responsible for any losses of personal items. Should you need to leave your stuff so you can focus on your leisure activities, you need to inform us so we can store your belongings in a secure place.

Privacy & Safety

All personal information you provide to us will remain confidential and will be used for customer reference purposes only on how we can serve you better. We do not divulge sensitive personal information on our web site or to any third party.

Your personal safety is our primary concern. Travelling to remote areas such as The 13 Falls entails many risk factors. Make sure you are well prepared when you travel and your health condition is well suited for this type of adventure. Before you travel, we suggest you get a personal accident insurance since we, and even the barangay, can't be held responsible should accidents occur. Always follow the rules and stay close to your designated tour guides during your entire visit. Although alcohol is not prohibited, but please drink responsibly and avoid foolish activities that may endanger yourself or others in the area.

If you stay with us overnight, we will have our staff on standby to guard the camping site as one of our ways to attend to your safety and personal concerns.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you book and pay in advance but you need to cancel and request for refund a day before your booking schedule, we will charge 10% cancellation fee due to miscellaneous expenses we might incur in preparation for your arrival. If you fail to show up on the day of your supposed arrival, we will no longer refund your payment since all the necessary arrangements have been completed by that time. 

Payment Methods

  • eWallet Payment Services (GCash, PayMaya, CryptoPeso)

  • Bank Deposit