A self-sustaining community away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Avalon Ecofarm was conceived out of our desire to find a sanctuary away from all the worries and stressful living within an urban environment. Preferably a place of refuge or a nature reserve that can sustain our daily needs through organic farming of fruits and livestock, with natural spring water, and most especially a place where we can uplift our spirits and enjoy peace of mind.

As if the heavens heard our prayers and led us to a remote mountainous village of Camachin in the town of Doña Remedios Trinidad (DRT), Bulacan. 



Avalon Ecofarm is located in Sitio Silad (the locals had mistaken the name to Silao), in Barangay Camachin, which is also part of Mt. Silad, one of the highest mountains in the whole of DRT and the whole of the province of Bulacan for that matter. Luckily for us, Avalon is also situated in one of the most attractive destinations in Camachin: the newly discovered tourist attraction called The 13 Falls, which is a series of 13 mini waterfalls. Avalon is right beside the 13th waterfall, so the tourists would normally wind up to the farm after their tiresome but thrilling adventure in all of the 13 waterfalls, or they can go straight to Avalon to take a rest first after almost an hour of walk from the nearest parking lot, before they could go back down to the 1st waterfall or jump right into the 13th waterfall and enjoy the rest of the day. Whichever route they go, they will surely forget all the worries they left behind once they submerge themselves into the cool and clear waters of The 13 Falls of Camachin and the enchanted place of Avalon.

Avalon Ecofarm offers its guests a place to rest with awesome view of the surrounding mountains, a clean and natural spring water, a shower area with comfort room, and if they want to relax or stay overnight, they can rent camping tents good for one person or an entire family or group of friends. Since there is still no electricity in the area, we can only serve food that do not require freezing such as rice, eggs, canned goods, etc. You may also bring your own raw food (fish, meat, etc.) and we can cook for you at minimal service charge. We use solar lighting at night and later we will have charging stations so you will never lose the chance of capturing every great moment during your entire stay at Avalon and the nearby attractions. Depending on the season, you may be able to try our ecofarm produce such as avocado, mango, coconut milk, jackfruit, and more.



DRT Bulacan is home to many nature reserve tourist attractions, and Barangay Camachin, which is composed of 80% virgin forests, boasts to hold a number of the most famous ones including The 13 Falls, Candle Monument (overlooking the whole of Bulacan including Metro Manila and Pampanga), Hidden Falls, and many more undiscovered destinations.

In fact, to prove our assumptions right that there are still more beautiful sceneries beyond the 13th waterfall, our team explored the less trodden paths starting from Avalon across the winding stream of waters, for according to some locals, there are still a number of waterfalls beyond that only a few has ever been to.


And they were right, for in just two hours of exploring, we came across a number of beautiful and unnamed places and waterfalls that even our local guide doesn't have a name for. So we took the opportunity to name those places and hopefully we will be recognized as the ones who placed them on the map of Camachin.